Self -Service Ordering

SMART ORDER is an in-store ordering platform perfectly suited for grocery, pharmacy, automotive services departments, and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR). The solution typically includes kiosks, mobile phones / tablets, and digital signage.

  • Self-service ordering and guided selling kiosks present product ordering information, customer loyalty, coupons and optional independent payment features.
  • Mobile ordering and loyalty applications tied to same features as the in-store kiosks.
  • Digital signage presents electronic menu boards, queuing, and order status.
  •  Walk-up ticketing for customers who prefer traditional methods.

Retailers can leverage SMART ORDER to improve the customer experience, reduce transaction costs and boost sales revenues.

Smart Order Mobile App


  • Intuitive, visual User Interface (UI) with minimum text
  • Controlled data, real time pricing
  • Item availability response capability
  • Time of day / day of week features
  • Dynamic targeted offers for seasonal, local and manager promotions

Smart Order Kiosk

The robust application template contains several elements:

  • The application object
  • UI and customized media
  • Key decision points to facilitate selection, orders, upsells, and payments
  • Transactional kiosks for item detail and ordering, customer services, and payments
  • Transaction links that support operations, including:
    · Local and remote monitoring
    · Content and software updates
    · Customer and productivity reports
Infrastructure Overview
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